Order of Chaeronea

est. 338 BC

“And if there were only some way of contriving that a state or an army should be made up of lovers and their beloved, they would be the very best governors of their own city, abstaining from all dishonour, and emulating one another in honour; and when fighting at each other’s side, although a mere handful, they would overcome the world. For what lover would not choose rather to be seen by all mankind than by his beloved, either when abandoning his post or throwing away his arms? He would be ready to die a thousand deaths rather than endure this. Or who would desert his beloved or fail him in the hour of danger?”

Plato, Symposium

Lion of Chaeronea
The Order

The Order is a religion; a religion of Love and Lovers.

A service and an attitude towards Mystery; with no divine revelation.

The mythic origin of our Order dates back to the year 338 BCE, and the Battle of Chaeronea, where 300 male lovers perished in the arms of their beloved ones.

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The Cause

The Cause is that of Lovers; of Lovers who have been wronged.

We believe in Love as a sacred and holy force, inherent to the human nature. A trait that ought to be treasured and protected.

We hold that to be our Duty, viz. to protect all forms of free love between consenting individuals. To champion the force of Love.

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Iolaus and Heracles
Death of Epaminondas


The membership to the Order is only attainable through the Service of Initiation, tied to a Duty and bound by an Oath.

Initiation into the Order is by invitation only. The Novice must be sponsored by an existing member of the Order.

We welcome any sincere individuals committed to the Cause.

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Why a web presence?

After much consideration, we thought that a web presence may provide a useful platform to inspire others to fight for equality and the right to free love.

How can I get in touch?

In order to avoid spam, we have decided not to include a contact form on the website. You can reach us via our Facebook Page.

How can I contribute?

We do not accept any donations. However, we will feature different causes, initiatives and organisations, and we strongly encourage you to contribute with those.

I have met an alleged member. How can I be sure?

If a member of the Order has been in touch with you and/or has claimed to belong to it, you can get in touch with us to verify it.
Each initiate is given specific details that identifies them to the Order. After undergoing the Service of Initiation, they are also introduced to the Secretary, which acts as a hub for all communications.

Why the secrecy?

Unfortunately, there are still a number of countries where being involved with LGBTQ causes or initiatives, may be considered ground for imprisonment.
We also value the privacy of our members, and the different ways of supporting the cause (both publicly and anonymously).

What is your connection to George Cecil Ives' group?

While we follow the same organisational and ritual patterns developed by George Cecil Ives, we have no direct connection with the group and make no claims on that regard.