Service of Initiation

On the membership to the Order

Membership is only attainable through the Service of Initiation; this is by invitation only.
The Novice must be of age, and sponsored by an existing member of the Order.

Once the Novice undergoes the Service of Initiation, of his own will, he is bound to an Oath. Membership to the Order is a most private matter, even amongst members.

There is not such a thing as hierarchy inside the Order, for we are all as equal. A member’s worth is only measured by his own effort and virtue.

Each Initiate must be master of himself, and always strive towards the improvement of his own self. Therefore, when the time comes when he has to act, or Duty calls for his service, he will do so freely. Let his own conscience be the only judge.

We currently have members of several nationalities, and from different profesional, spiritual, and socio-economic backgrounds.

The veracity of a membership to the Order can always be verified, bona fide, by getting in touch with us.