The Cause

On the scope of the Cause

The Cause is that of Lovers. Lovers who have been wronged due to the exercise of free, consensual, Love; with an emphasis on male Lovers.

Throughout history, our societies have condemned a variety of forms of Love. Either between individuals of the same gender, individuals from different social strata, different nationalities, different skin colour, different religious beliefs, or just different ideologies.
Lovers have been prosecuted, humiliated, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered by individuals, organisations, churches, and governments alike.

As anachronistic as this may seems — this is still an ongoing issue:

Countries with Death Penalty

Countries with Imprisonment

Countries with Anti-propaganda Laws


Increase on Homophobic attacks just in London

The Duty of the members of our Order is to this Sacred Cause.
To Lovers, we ought to be healers and protectors, champions and counsellors.